Women's Health

Woman & Doctor

It is our mission here at Milton Village Medical to encourage all our female patients to prioritise their own health. Many women in our society are juggling multiple roles between work and family life, and the demands on their time and energy are ever-increasing. The ways in which we can help you, as a woman, maximise your wellness include:

  • Preventative health activities

    • Cervical screening (previously called PAP smears)

    • Breast checks/mammograms

    • BP checks

    • Cholesterol management

    • Bowel cancer screening

    • Skin screening

  • Lifestyle modification programs such as managing diet/alcohol/exercise

  • Stress/mental health management

  • Contraception (we provide all types including Implanon and IUD) (Mirena or Copper) insertion. Please book with Dr Karyn Huntley or Dr Karen Shaw for Mirena / IUD insertion

  • Menstrual issues including period pain, other pelvic pain and endometriosis management

  • Pre-pregnancy counselling and planning

  • Fertility investigation

  • Pregnancy care/shared antenatal care

  • Management of unplanned pregnancy

  • Management of menopause

  • Prevention of and management of osteoporosis

  • Continence management

  • Women’s sexual health

  • Iron infusions


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