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Bullet Journal
Tel: 3367-0333
Patient Information Sheet

If you are a new patient to the practice, please save time by printing and completing and signing this sheet before your arrival at Milton Village Medical. Please bring it with you as we require your original signature of consent to keep your records on our system.

If you are an existing patient but you have changed any of your details (name, address, phone numbers or email) please complete the relevant section of this form and bring it with you.

Patient Information Sheet

Hours of Opening

8-5 M-F, 8-12 Sat, 8-12 Sun and public holidays.

Appointment Types

Milton Village Medical is a privately billing practice. Charging a private fee makes it possible for the doctors to spend longer with you and provide a high-quality service. There are a limited number of situations in which your doctor may be able to bulk-bill you, such as for repeated visits for wound dressings. However, bulk-billing is not routine.   

Phone appointments are available, and may be appropriate for certain issues. These will be privately billed at the same level as a face to face consultation.         

Complex Concerns   

Please make a long consultation booking for complex concerns such as those listed below. This will help the doctors to have adequate time to address your needs, and decrease the likelihood of their running late for the next patient.

  • Multiple medical concerns

  • Mental health concerns                                               

  • Pregnancy appointments, especially confirmation of pregnancy visits

  • First visit with a newborn baby

  • Travel medicine visits- especially for travel to Africa  or South America

  • GPMCH plans

  • EPC plans

  • Advanced health directives

  • Occupational Health visits

  • 4 year old health checks

  • 45-49 year old health checks

  • 75+ year old health checks

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