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Travel medicine is a big part of our practice here at Milton Village Medical particularly as we have two doctors on staff who have extra specialist training in the area. Australians are keen travellers and every week we see numerous patients who are travelling all over the world. For several years we have been providing travel health services for employees of companies with overseas branches such as mining and engineering. We also have strong associations with the backpackers hostels and youth hostels in Brisbane, who refer us international travellers when they are unwell. We provide travel advice and vaccinations for all destinations including Africa and South America, where Yellow Fever Vaccination is required. We can also prescribe any medications you might need specifically for your trip, along with written instructions for use.

  • Vaccinations including Yellow Fever

  • Precautions regarding mosquito-borne diseases including malaria, dengue, and zika

  • Discussions re avoiding specific travel related dangers

  • Pre-travel health screening – especially if undertaking adventure travel

  • Managing chronic disease while traveling

  • Altitude sickness prevention and treatment

  • Medications you might need

  •  Written advice sheets


Doctors at Milton Village Medical with a special interest in travel health are:

Dr Mardi Vory

Dr Kate Ritchie


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