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Sexual Health

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Sexual health is a vital part of life and one that often does not get quite enough attention. Sometimes matters surrounding sexual issues can seem embarrassing and difficult to talk about. The doctors at Milton Village Medical will take the time to create a relaxed and non-judgemental environment in which they hope you will feel comfortable to ask the questions you need answered. You might just want a regular screening sexual health check, or perhaps you just have some questions about sexually transmitted diseases? You might be struggling with a low libido or reduced sexual function.  Whatever your concern, you can address it together and find a solution.

  • STI screening

  • STI education

  • HIV prevention/treatment

  • Hepatitis C management

  • LGBTI issues

  • Painful sex

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Libido issues

  • Referral to a sexual therapist 


Doctors at Milton Village Medical with a special interest in sexual health are:

Dr Mardi Vory

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