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Men's Health

Doctor and Patient

At Milton Village Medical the Doctors are just as passionate about men’s health as they are about women’s health. Like women, men these days are often juggling multiple roles, trying to fit in family commitments around their work schedules. It is often tempting to put health problems on the back burner in favour of dealing with issues which seem more pressing. This is particularly problematic if they’re conditions in which symptoms are subtle or even absent, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure. The Doctors like to encourage their male patients to take the time to make their own health a priority, so they can maximise function in all areas of life. Some of the services available for men include:

  • Preventative health

    • BP checks/weight/abdominal circumference measurement

    • Cholesterol management

    • Bowel cancer screening

    • Prostate cancer screening

    • Skin screening

  • Lifestyle modification programs such as managing diet/alcohol/exercise

  • Fertility investigations

  • Planning for fatherhood – including getting whooping cough and flu vaccinations

  • Mental health – including work related stress or personal/relationship/family issues

  • Prostatic health

  • Urinary difficulties

  • Sexual health including libido issues and erectile difficulties

  • Sports injuries

  • Chronic diseases


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