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EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS (not to be live on web just yet)


Suggested topics: 

  • Puberty

  • Contraception

  • Adolescent mental health...for parents... and for groups

  • Bariatric surgery – with Blair Bowden

  • Weight management, inc the latest in dietary theories

  • Keep up your CPR skills for the public/First aid

  • Learning self compassion – how to teach your kids to love themselves and their bodies

  • Substance use/abuse

  • What to do when you’re being bullied at work

  • Dealing with relationship breakup/divorce


FUNDRAISERS (not to be live on web just yet)

  • Benefit concert to raise money for Beyond Blue for suicide prevention, to be held in July 2019


Other ideas:

  • Domestic violence support

  • Prostate ca research

  • Motor neurone disease research

  • Ovarian ca

  • Breast ca

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