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Sharon Atkin

Sharon Atkins is a Psychologist who has been working in the healthcare industry since 1994. In that time Sharon has worked in a variety of health care setting including immigration detention, rehabilitation, hospital environments in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom and health projects in Zambia and Ethiopia. More recently working as the National Clinical Advisor- Psychology for a large organisation. Sharon has been involved working with the Royal Commission: Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, 1800Respect, BeyondBlue, and other federal and state government; and private sector organisations in the delivery of best practice clinically appropriate services.

Services include: 

Skilled, trained and experienced across the lifespan. Can assess, diagnose and provide psychological interventions and treatments for infants to aged.
Children and Adolescent services and assessments can be provided under Better Access, Private Health Insurance and Paediatric NDIS services.

● Adjustment Disorders ● Anger management ● Anxiety Disorders ● Attachment Disorders ● Attention Deficit and   Hyperactivity Disorder/ ● Autistic Spectrum  Disorders ● Behavioural difficulties  and Disorders ● Body Image and Eating    Disorders ● Bullying ● Depression ● Developmental disorders  and disabilities
● Elimination Disorders ● Emotional regulation  difficulties ● Family breakdown  (separation/divorce) and/or conflict ● Giftedness ● Grief and loss ● Learning Difficulties ● Parent skills training ● Psychoeducational assessment (e.g.  cognitive and learning   assessments) ● Phobias ● School readiness
● School refusal and   avoidance ● Self-esteem and  resilience building ● Self-harm ● Sleep Disorders ● Social and peer   interaction difficulties ● Social skills building ● Strategies to support   learning and achievement ● Stress and coping ● Trauma and abuse
Adult and Aged care services
Skilled, trained and experienced in the delivery of adult and aged mental health services Services can be provided under, Better Access (Medicare), DVA, NDIS, Workcover, and accredited nationally for workers compensation cases.
 ● Anger management ● Anxiety & phobias ● Behaviour problems ● Depression ● Eating disorders ● Grief & loss ● Adjustment
 ● Panic Attacks ● Divorce/separation ● Parenting ● Relationships ● Sexual problems ● Victim of crime ● Workplace problems/ Occupational Capacity ● Fitness for Duty ● Veterans Services
● Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ● Motor vehicle accidents ● Self-harm/suicide ● Sexual abuse ● Sleeping disorders ● Cross-cultural ● Cognitive Assessments  ● Legal Reports  ● Medico-Legal Report
If you have any questions or require services outside of the above please feel free to contact me on my mobile 0417359286 to discuss.

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